Terra Critica meets regularly for expert seminars and other activities to exchange ideas across disciplines. The core members and a wider circle of participants contribute to these activities.

11-13 May 2017 Expert Seminar Penn State University (USA) Details
13/14 January 2017 Workshop Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf (GER) Details
17/18 December 2015 Conference Hong Kong University (CN) Details
28-30 May 2015 Expert Seminar Leuphana University (GER) Details
28 May 2014 Theory Lab Utrecht University (NL) Details
20-23 March 2014 Expert Seminar New York University (US) Details
22/23 November 2013 Expert Seminar Utrecht University (NL) Details
21 November 2013 Workshop Casco Utrecht (NL) Details
7/8 December 2012 Expert Seminar Utrecht University (NL) Details