Terra Critica is an international and interdisciplinary
research network in the critical humanities.

Our different platforms bring together scholars
specializing in critical and cultural theory, as well as
practitioners in education, activism and the arts.


Terra Critica recommends...

New Earth Histories Conference Sydney, 6-8 December, 2019
Convenors: Alison Bashford, Adam Bobbette, Emily Kern


Symptoms of the
Planetary Condition

A Critical Vocabulary



co-organized with Casco Art Institute
sixth series starts in fall 2019


New Critical Humanities

Book Series
What does it mean for the humanities to be critical today?


New Publication

Will Johncock, Naturally Late
Part of the New Series: New Critical Humanities


Researcher in Residence
Eva Hayward

Eva Hayward is Assistant Professor in Gender & Women's Studies, University of Arizona, Tucson USA.
She will be Terra Critica Researcher in Residence (in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry)
at Utrecht University from October 7 to October 17, 2019.


Terra Critica

Terra Critica is an international research network in the humanities, bringing together scholars specializing in critical and cultural theory, as well as practicioners in education, activism and the arts. Its aim is to reexamine critical theory and critique under the conditions of the 21st century – given our immanent, terran existences, globally entangled across flows of capital, people, and ideas and living in ecological and economical multidependences.

Terra Critica wishes to strengthen the Critical Humanities as a crucial site for critical analyses of our present, meeting regularly for workshops and other activities, aiming to provide a platform for discussion and publication, exchange of ideas and knowledges.

The network was initiated by Birgit Mara Kaiser and Kathrin Thiele in 2012, with a group of core members and a wider circle of participants to the regular meetings. It has been supported by Utrecht University and the NWO-Aspasiafunds, and continues to be supported by its different contributing institutions in various ways.