New ** Mercedes Bunz, Birgit M. Kaiser and Kathrin Thiele (eds.), Symptoms of the Planetary Condition: A Critical Vocabulary (meson press 2017) ** OA-publication available here **

New ** Book Series New Critical Humanities (series editors Birgit M. Kaiser, Timothy O’Leary, Kathrin Thiele), Rowman & Littlefield International


Position Papers from Terra Critica II (expert seminar November 2013)

Rosemarie Buikema, The Moth and the Bonfire: Virginia Woolf’s anti-militarism
Mercedes Bunz, On Affirmation and Critique
Rick Dolphijn, Insanity and Ecosophy from Guattari and Bateson to Malabou and back to Spinoza
Peta Hinton, The Ellipsis: Affirmative Negations as (Feminist) Critique
Birgit M. Kaiser, Critical Manifestos, Existential Refrains
Sybrandt van Keulen, Creation and critique
Leonard Lawlor, Three Ways of Speaking
Timothy O’Leary, On the Genealogy of Ecological Sensibilities: Three Notes
Esther Peeren, Critical Perspectives
Melanie Sehgal, A Thousand Subjectivities. Rethinking Subjectivity with Guattari and Whitehead
Kathrin Thiele, On ‘Three Dots’ of Critique: Indirection, Indifference, Transversality
Iris van der Tuin, Signals Falling: Ecological Epistemology in Bergson, Woolf and Guattari
Veronica Vasterling, What is wrong with irony?
Doro Wiese, The Semiotics of Subjectification in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Almanac of the Dead


Position Papers from Terra Critica I (expert seminar December 2012)

Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, OVERWRITING: A Critique of Writing; or, Words Becoming Flash
Rosemarie Buikema, Virginia Woolf’s Postcolonial Feminism
Mercedes Bunz, Facing Our New Monster: On Critique in the Era of Affirmation
Rick Dolphijn, Critical Form; or The Gothic Stone, a New-Materialist Perspective
Annemie Halsema, The Subject of Critique
Birgit M. Kaiser, To experiment and critique with Kleist’s Käthchen
Sybrandt van Keulen, Transcriticism. A reconsideration of Foucault’s notion of the limit-attitude
Leonard Lawlor, The Event of Shame
Jacques Lezra, The ‘Principle’ of In-sufficient Reason
Paola Marrati, Immanent Problems
Bettina Papenburg, Body Criticism: Affect as Critical Force
Esther Peeren, Critique and Answerability
Saskia Pieterse, (Not) Looking at the Picture: Anti-War Protest and Criticism of Class and Gender
Asja Szafraniec, Critique as the question of conditions of visibility
Melanie Sehgal, Speculative and/as Critical Thinking
Kathrin Thiele, In Critical Condition or Fully Out of Steam? Critical Thinking ‘Today’
Iris van der Tuin, Before Critique: Hélène Metzger (1886-1944)