Xudong Zhang

Xudong Zhang is Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor and Chair of East Asian Studies at NYU, and founding director of the International Center for Critical Theory (a consortium of Peking University, New York University, University of Tokyo and Eastern China Normal University). He is also Director of China House NYU. Xudong Zhang’s research focuses on modernism and its links with criticism within and beyond the Chinese context, and research interests include modern Chinese literature and culture; critical theory; twentieth-century Chinese literature, film, and intellectual discourses; literary theory and aesthetics; political and philosophical discourses of modernity. He has published widely on critical theory and transcultural comparisons of Chinese and European modernities.

Publications relevant to the discussions of the network include Chinese Modernism in the Era of Reforms: Cultural Fever, Avant-Garde fiction, and New Chinese Cinema. Duke 1997; with Takahiro Nakajima and Hui Jiang (eds). ICCT series 1: Rethinking Enlightenment in Global and Historical Contexts. Tokyo: The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy, 2011; and (in Chinese) The Order of the Imaginary: Critical Theory and Modern Chinese Literary Discourse. Oxford University Press (Hong Kong), 1997; Traces of Criticism: Essays on Theory and Cultural Politics. Sanlian, 2003; Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization: A Historical Rethinking of Western Discourses on Universalism. Peking UP, 2006.

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