Leonard Lawlor

Leonard Lawlor is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Philosophy and Director of Graduate Studies at Penn State University, USA. Before joining Penn State, he held the chair of Faudree-Hardin University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Memphis (2004-2008). His research interest focuses on 19th and 20th century continental philosophy, and his expertise on the tradition of contemporary critical theory (developed in the 1990s especially in the US) is highly relevant to the network, as is his work on immanence and life. His book publications most relevant to Terra Critica are: The Implications of Immanence: towards a New Concept of Life. Fordham University Press, 2006; Thinking Through French Philosophy: The Being of the Question. Indiana University Press, 2003; The Challenge of Bergsonism: Phenomenology, Ontology, Ethics. Continuum, 2003; as well as the recent Early Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy, Indiana University Press, 2011.

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