Expert Seminar (December 2012)

Terra Critica I

The expert seminar inaugurated the network and brought together people from a variety of disciplines within the Humanities to discuss questions of critique and Terra Critica during two days in December 2012.


Workshop participants

Barnita Bagchi (UU)
Kiene Brillenburg (UU)December 2012
Rosemarie Buikema (UU)
Mercedes Bunz (U of Lüneburg)
Rick Dolphijn (UU)
Annemie Halsema (VU)
Birgit Kaiser (UU)
Sybrandt van Keulen (UvA)
Susanne Knittel (UU)
Leonard Lawlor (Penn State)
Ann Sophie Lehmann (UU)
Jacques Lezra (New York University)
Sander van Maas (UU/UvA)
Paola Marrati (Johns Hopkins University)
Timothy O’Leary (U of Hong Kong)
Bettina Papenburg (UU)
Esther Peeren (UvA)
Saskia Pieterse (UU)
Emmanuelle Radar (UU)
Ann Rigney (UU)
December 2012Asja Szafraniec (UvA)
Melanie Sehgal (Viadrina U Frankfurt Oder)
Kathrin Thiele (UU)
Iris van der Tuin (UU)
Veronica Vasterling (RU Nijmegen)

Most participants contributed a position paper to the workshop. They can be retrieved by clicking on the individual names above.



Friday, 07. Dec 2012
time 10.00-17.00h
location Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, Stijlkamer van Ravesteijn (room 1.06)

Introduction to the workshop
Birgit Kaiser (Comparative Literature, UU) and Kathrin Thiele (Graduate Gender Programme, UU)

10.30-12.30h Session 1
Critique as symptomatology of the present (moderation: K. Thiele)
Introductory statements: Jacques Lezra, Melanie Sehgal, Rosemarie Buikema, Mercedes Bunz, Sander van Maas, Esther Peeren

Lunch break


14.45-17.00h Session 2
Critical Practice: On Immanence and Affirmation (moderation: B. Kaiser)
Introductory statements: Leonard Lawlor and Paola Marrati, Rick Dolphijn, Sybrandt van Keulen, Kathrin Thiele, Iris van der Tuin


Saturday, 08. Dec 2012
time 10.00-16.30
location Janskerkhof 13, room 00.6

10.00-12.30 Session 3
Subjects of Critique (moderation: K. Thiele)
Introductory statements: Timothy O’Leary, Annemie Halsema, Kiene Brillenburg, Birgit Kaiser, Bettina Papenburg, Saskia Pieterse


The meeting was made possible by the generous support of the Utrecht University Intensive Workshop Programme; the Aspasia Diversiteitsbeleid Fund; and the Institute for History and Culture OGC, Utrecht.

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